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Showings and Contracts Up in I'On Real Estate Market

Wow! The I’On real estate market continues to be quite active. Just this week (February 11-15), we have had 4 more homes go under contract in I’On. They are listed below:

58 Sowell St. (asking price $649,000)
44 Rialto (asking price $910,000)
11 Krier (asking price $1,197,000)
40 Perseverance (asking price $1,199,000)

In addition, 2 houses closed this week:

158 N. Shelmore – sale price $779,000
198 N. Shelmore – sale price $1,100,000

I’m continuing to see an increase in showing activity in I’On in recent weeks which indicates to me that there are alot more active buyers in the market than we have seen in a while. As we move into the spring season, this trend should continue. While we are clearly in a softer real estate market in I’On and other communities in Mt. Pleasant, there is still some positive news. Don’t believe everything the national press would like for you to. People are still buying and selling in I’On.

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