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I’On – A Brief Market Update

Since my last update, 3 more homes have gone under contract in I’On. This brings the total to 8 homes that have been contracted for since January 1st. Not bad for only 36 days of activity! Most of these won’t close for a while yet, but as they do, I will keep you updated. So far this year, there have been 3 homes close in I’On:

150 Ionsborough – $722,500 (asking price was $749,000)
55 Sanibel – $899,500 (asking price was $949,000)
224 Ponsbury – $676,000 (asking price was $749,000)

While we’re off to a reasonably good start to the year, inventory is starting to “creep up” again. As of today, there are 86 homes on the market in I’On. This is up from 80 just 3 weeks ago. I suspect that this number will grow even higher in coming weeks as more people put their house on the market for the spring season. It should be an interesting year. Don’t forget….you can always see everything that’s available in I’On by going to

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