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Brickyard Update – 7/31/08

Brickyard has been feeling the real estate slowdown just as most other communities in Mt. Pleasant have been. So far this year, the number of homes sold in the neighborhood is down from 2007. In addition, the time it takes to sell a home has increased significantly during the past year:


  • Homes sold through July 31, 2007 – 30
  • Average Days on Market – 102


  • Homes sold through July 31, 2008 – 25
  • Average Days on Market – 161

Interestingly enough, the number of homes for sale in Brickyard is down from 43 at the end of July last year to 36 in 2008. While it is a little early to determine if this is a trend, the good news is that the inventory is lower! The lower the inventory, the better position sellers will be in as less competition means less pressure on pricing.

Overall, the inventory levels for single family homes in all parts of Mt. Pleasant are also down over 6% from the same period last year. This is not a huge decrease, but it is some positive news for sellers.

For more information on all homes and lots for sale in Brickyard, please go to my Brickyard Home Info site for details and stay tuned to this site for more updates.

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