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3 Benefits of Selling Your Home During the Holidays

As the holidays are quickly approaching, many people are busy decorating their homes, lighting the tree, and marking their calendars to visit friends and family.

With all the busyness of the season, you might be wondering if now you should even attempt to sell your home. Any potential home buyers are also busy attending get-togethers or traveling out of town, right?

After all, that is how it has been in the past.

Yes, You Can Sell Your Home During the Holidays

The reality is that home buyers today are always looking at properties, including during the holidays.

Smartphones and other mobile devices have made it easier and quicker to search for homes on the go, and home buyers can search anywhere — including at a holiday party. So in light of this modern development, here are three main benefits of selling your home during the holidays.

3. You Have Less Competition

Many home sellers believe that the holidays are not the best time to sell, so they would rather wait until spring when the weather is nicer for home viewings.

This means that there is less competition for sellers who do list their home, so you don’t have to compete with other sellers for a buyer’s attention.

Buyers also have fewer properties to choose from, so you’re less likely to receive multiple offers on your home. For buyers who do find their dream home — your home — they may end up purchasing your property at or above market value.

2. Buyers are Serious

Unlike springtime, when many home sellers decide to put their property on the market, the weather is not as pleasant during the winter holiday season.

That means that potential buyers who are not serious about buying a home will opt for the comforts of their own home over viewing properties in cooler weather. They may also opt to attend a holiday party rather than view a home for sale.

Home buyers who are actively searching and viewing properties are generally more motivated, and may even want to buy their new home before Christmas or the new year rolls around. If a buyer for your home wants to get moving quickly, this can often translate into a quicker home sale.

christmas wreath in a frame on a red wall1. You Can Really Appeal to a Buyers’ Emotions

One of the most important tips about staging your home is that you need to appeal to the buyer’s emotions, and what better time to do that than during the holidays?

Selling your home means that you can leave the heat on, have cookies baking in the oven, and leave your holiday decorations up.

The holidays bring joy and warm feelings, and this seasonal atmosphere is perfect for setting the stage for your property with minimal work on your part.

We Can Help You Sell Your Home

Bottom line, selling your home during the holidays gives you the perfect opportunity to sell your home quickly and for more money. And we can help you make sure that your home sale goes smoothly, even during your busy holiday season. From offering you a free home evaluation to advising you on further home staging tips, we have all the resources you need to make sure you home sells for more money in less time. Contact us and we can talk about a strategy to sell your property during the holidays.

Charleston Real Estate: By The Numbers

Everything about the Charleston real estate market continues to improve! If you look at the numbers we’ve compiled below, you’ll see that prices are up, the number of sale has increased and the time it takes to sell is down. Like we’ve pointed out before, this is great news for sellers in our area. But, don’t fret buyers! There are still great and affordable areas in Charleston that you can call home. There are over 5000 active listings in the area and over 400 came onto the market in the past week. One of those homes might be the right one for you!

Past 6 months of 2015
As compared to same period of 2014

Entire Tri-County, MLS area:
  • Average Days on Market: 64, down 23%
  • Months Supply: 4.9, down 18%
  • Average Sales Price: $308,615, up 3.6%
  • Sales price to List Price: 97.6%, up .06%
  • Average Price per Square Foot: $120, up 4.3%
  • Single Family Homes Sold: 8789, up 20.6%
  • New Construction Sold: 1707, up 19.5%

Count on The Avera Group for Expert Real Estate Advice!

Has the market increased enough for you to consider selling your home? Curious about a neighborhood you might want to move to? These numbers can vary from town to town or even by the neighborhood. We would be happy to provide you with the statistics specific to the area you live in or a neighborhood that piques your interest! Email Paige today with any questions!

Shop Smart During the Spring Buying Season

This is the time of year that has home buyers and home sellers alike excited: The Spring Home Buying Season!  For buyers, it’s a great time to purchase a home because the school year is coming to an end and residents have all summer to move before it’s back in session. For sellers, it’s a great chance to reach a lot of home buyers as they navigate the market searching for their dream home.

Charleston Buying Tips for the Spring Market

Don’t just rely on the Internet for your home searches. While you can certainly find a treasure trove of information on the Internet and through our website, it’s not the only way to find your dream home. In addition to searching real estate websites, you might consider also getting out and canvassing homes for sale the old fashioned way. After all, Internet pictures and listing information only tell part of the story and aren’t always up to date. As real estate professionals, we also have access to a information that isn’t widely available to the public. And don’t hesitate, either! This year’s spring home buying market is expected to be particularly competitive and so you want to make sure you get to that home before other buyers do.

Learn about current market values. Obviously, every market is going to be slightly different and so it behooves you to learn about your local housing markets specific trends. In Charleston this March, new listings were up 7.6%, pending sales increased 46.3% and inventory shrank 17.6%. The median sales price also inched slightly higher to $221k.  With a promising jobs picture and steady mortgage rates, people can and are buying homes. As qualified and experienced agents, we can talk with you about current trends and how they impact you.

Lock in low mortgage rates now. Those near-historic lows won’t be around forever. Thus, make sure you get a good mortgage rate now. By doing so, you ensure that your monthly mortgage will be reasonable for you. And in some cases, you may qualify for a larger or more expensive home thanks to low mortgage rates. Here’s another reason to get a mortgage now: In January, the Federal Housing Authority (which backs loans for borrowers who make low down payments), lowered the annual insurance premium it requires from 1.35 percent of a home loan to just 0.85 percent. All told, the Housing Department estimates that will save FHA homeowners roughly $900 a year.

We Are Your #1 Resource for Home Buying Tips

We hope you found the above information helpful as a prospective home buyer. We thought we should pass along these tips for those of you who have been on the fence about buying or for those of you who plan on moving sometime down the road. I would hate for you to hesitate, and miss out on once-in-a-lifetime conditions as a result.

If you would like to talk it over, we are always available by email or phone. You don’t have to worry about contracts or obligations of any sort. We would love to advise you on the subject, so you can make the decision that’s right for you and your family.

Have a great day!

Home Staging Tips

In a report released by the National Association of Realtors, the 2015 Profile of Home Staging, the Association revealed some important information regarding staging a home, including the most important rooms for you to stage when selling your home. As the spring real estate market heats up, we thought it’d be helpful to share some interesting and useful tips regarding home staging. 36 Cannon Street Charleston SC-small-006-DSC04851-666x444-72dpi

According to the report, for 81% of buyers it is easier to visualize the property as a future home for them when the home is properly staged. Furthermore, almost half of  buyers are more willing to walk through a home they viewed online. Getting a buyer off the internet and actually into the home is a big hurdle and staging a home clearly shows that it can help get the buyer in your door.  And some buyers are more willing to overlook other property faults when a seller has taken the time to have the home staged. Continue reading

I’On Real Estate 2014 Recap & Market Update

As we predicted at the end of 2013, the I’On real estate market did not see significant changes in 2014.  The market appears to have leveled out and growth has become more steady. Below is a snapshot of 2014 sales activity for the community.  To put the year in perspective, we have included the percentage growth in these numbers as compared to 2013.

2014 Activity:

I’On homes sold – 70 ~ up 3%
Average Selling Price/Square foot – $298 ~ up 6%
Average Selling Price – $957,690 ~ up 10%
Average Days on Market – 85 ~ down 26%
(Note: Click here to view details on all I’On homes sold in 2014)


The average sales price is inching closer to one million dollars, which is great news for home owners. And the time it takes to sell a home in I’On has decreased by around 30 days. This is all good news for home sellers, it simply isn’t the significant changes we saw in 2013. Continue reading

Mount Pleasant Real Estate – 2014 Review

Happy New Year! We hope that you had a wonderful holiday season. Now that 2014 is behind us, it’s time to take a look at how the Mt. Pleasant real estate market fared for the year. While 2013 real estate trends saw major growth in the number of homes sold and solid price increases, 2014 market did not bring significant changes. However, the market continues to be strong and the steady growth keeps keeps us in a market that is generally favoring the seller.

 2014 Mt. Pleasant real estate stats:

  • Homes Sold – 2,364 ~ up 1%
  • Volume Sold – $1,033,081,563 ~ up 10%
  • Median Price – $375,000 ~ up 10%
  • Average Price – $437,000 ~ up 10%
  • Average Days on Market – 67 ~ up 6%

Continue reading

10 Winter Home Improvements That Are Worth The Investment

We hope everyone had a happy holiday and are looking forward to a happy and healthy new year!

Temperatures are starting to dip as we move into the New Year. So today, we wanted to share with you some relatively easy home improvements that you can make that will save you money during the winter months.

Home Tips for Saving Yourself Money This Winter

Here are 10 home improvements that you can make this winter that will save you both money and energy:

Caulk around windows and doors, making sure that all cracks and holes are sealed. This will keep the cold air out of your house, which will keep your heater from working overtime. If necessary, you might also consider adding or replacing weather stripping.

Add area rugs to your tile and wood floors. This creates an extra layer of insulation in your home and also makes it easier to walk around your home in bare feet during the winter time.

Install glass doors that close off your fireplace. This will not only keep cold air from coming down and through your house but it will also prevent warm air from escaping through the chimney. Also, if you use your fireplace, make sure to close the flue when you’re finished. Continue reading

5 Predictions for the US Housing Market in 2015

PredictionAre you a current home owner who is considering listing your property on the market in 2015?

If so, then you’re likely to enjoy a lot of success!

After all, recently released its top predictions for the housing market in the New Year. And all of them seem to favor home sellers.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at National Housing Market Predictions

Millennials will enter the market en masse. This is something the housing market has needed for the last couple of years: More Millennials entering the market as first time home buyers. And according to projections, that’s what you can expect in the New Year, with more than two thirds of household formation being credited to this demographic. Helping matters is the fact that about 2.5 million jobs are expected to be added next year, improving home buying power.

There will be an increase in existing home sales. These sales are expected to increase 8 percent during the New Year. Meanwhile, as more people gain employment and increased incomes, distressed property inventory is expected to decline. All of this means a lower real estate inventory. This coupled with a surplus of buyers will create a seller’s market.

Home prices will rise. This generally follows when housing inventory shrinks. In fact, prices are expected to increase by an average of at least 4.5 percent in the coming year. Thus, if you’re thinking about possibly selling your home, 2015 is likely going to be a good year for doing so.

Mortgage rates will increase as well. For much of 2014, these rates have hovered around 4 percent and under. But with the previously mentioned factors and the Federal Reserve’s expected rate hike in the early part of 2015, residents can expect home loans to shoot up to 5 percent in 2015. If you have been thinking about re-financing, it makes sense to do it sooner rather than later since mortgage rates are likely to increase.

Home affordability will decline. With all of these changes on the market expected, home affordability is projected to decrease by 5 to 10 percent. This will be driven by price appreciation, mortgage rate hikes and tighter housing inventory. Again, if you’re thinking about possibly selling your home, 2015 is likely to be a good year for home sales.

See You In 2015!

We hope that as a home seller, you’ve found the above predictions encouraging.

We’ll be back in the New Year to discuss whether these real estate predictions come true and to revisit how they will impact buyers and sellers.

If you’re thinking about listing you home anytime soon,  please give Paige or Chuck a call. We’re available to answer any questions you may have or to help you on your home selling journey.  For now, we hope you and your family have a happy holiday season!

Excellent News for Home Buyers: US Prices Stabilizing

Home Selling 6If you’ve been weighing whether now is the right time to enter the local housing market as a home buyer, we have some news to share with you that will help you decide. According to a recent report from real estate data provider CoreLogic, U.S. home price gains are slowing down, despite an increase during the month of August. This is great news for home buyers because it means that you have a fantastic opportunity to get a reasonable price on your next home before prices continue to rise!

What Every Home Buyer Should Know

CoreLogic reported that home prices increased 6.4 percent in August when compared to last year. Still, that figure is actually down slightly from the annual gain of 6.8 percent in July.

Here’s what else the recent housing market report revealed:

  • The increase in home prices is also down when compared to how much they had been rising toward the end of last year. During that time, prices were rising as much as 12 percent.
  • Home sales have been mostly stable throughout 2014, as have price gains.
  • All states showed home price gains during the month of August, save for Arkansas where prices were stagnate.
  • Home prices nationwide remain about 12.1 percent below their peak average in April 2006.
  • Home purchases decreased 1.8 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.05 million in August.
  • Home sales decreased from a July rate of 5.14 million.
  • Meanwhile, the pace of home sales dropped 5.3 percent year-over-year.
  • Experts say that an annual sales rate of 5.5 million is considered a healthy market.
  • Meanwhile, the median sales price has increased 4.8 percent over the last 12 months to $219,800, although that average dropped slightly during the month of August when compared to July and June.

Continue reading

Mount Pleasant Real Estate Update – 9/25/14

We are always asked….How is the real estate market in Mt. Pleasant?  And the answer is always the same…..”it’s great”.  So what does that mean exactly?

The Mt. Pleasant Real Estate Market is Always Great…Or is it?

Every real estate market is always good for some, but not all.  For example, if you are a buyer and the inventory is quite low, it’s likely a great market for sellers.  But if there is a high supply of inventory, then it’s likely a better market for you, the buyer.  It’s all about supply and demand.  So what is currently going on in Mt. Pleasant real estate?  Let’s add some perspective to this question… Continue reading